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"Re-igniting Love: The Story Behind Our Pre-Loved Bridal Collection"

The Little Pearl bridal boutique team of bridal stylists sat on pink sofa in the boutique with wedding dresses in background

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Pre-Loved Bridal Collection! The first step for The Little Pearl in creating a sustainable approach to bridal fashion at an affordable price, without any compromise to quality. During our 9 years in bridal we have witnessed so many special moments when our #pearlsgirls find their dress and we wanted to create a way to continue these love stories. 

Diana, founder of The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique tells us more on the story of this exciting debut!

What Was The Inspiration Behind the Collection?

"Our Pre-Loved Bridal Collection is a celebration of the love embodied in every wedding dress. Over time, we've received numerous requests from our brides and further afield asking if we could assist them in selling their wedding gowns. Recognising the demand for an affordable yet luxurious option and also looking at how we approach sustainability as a brand, we decided to curate a collection that not only showcases designer wedding dresses but also provides brides with an opportunity to recoup some of their investment whilst doing their bit for the planet. We also love that this allows our #pearlsgirls to continue their journey with us even past their wedding day!"

What kind of designs can we expect to see?

"From couture elegance to timeless classics and contemporary chic, our collection features a diverse range of designer wedding dresses, sourced from previous #pearlsgirls and also brides who have bought their dress elsewhere. We want to offer styles and designs that cater to every bride's unique style and preferences, from designers that we wouldn’t usually stock, ensuring that there's something for everyone here at LP."

How Do You Source Your Dresses?

“Our collection is carefully chosen by our team after brides apply to have their dress featured with us. We offer a dry cleaning and alterations service, to ensure all of our pre-loved wedding dresses are in perfect condition before re-sale! We offer three options that brides can choose from depending on various elements of their dress, for example, when it was bought, the style and how current that style is. We pride ourselves on our commitment to luxury, quality and excellence in customer service and our Pre-Loved Bridal Collection is no exception. We meticulously select dresses that meet our standards of excellence, focusing on designer craftsmanship, superior fabrics, and unique designs. Additionally, we offer a couture option for dresses with an original purchase price of over £3000, mixed in with dresses below £1000, ensuring that every bride receives the utmost in sophistication and elegance no matter what their budget.

What should brides do if they want to sell their dress?

“If you are interested in selling your wedding dress through our boutique, we've streamlined the process with a dedicated "Sell Your Dress" section on our website. Simply fill out the application form, and our team will guide you through the rest. We need a few details about your dress and current pictures too. If you need help with any fixes or dry cleaning before listing your dress we can help too. Here is the link to the page."

What prices can we expect to see from the collection?

“With pricing ranging from £300 to £1000, for our Pre-Loved Signature Bridal Collection, and a Couture offering of over £1000, our collection offers exceptional value without compromising on quality or style. It's the perfect way to say "yes" to sustainable fashion, choosing the dress of your dreams, while re-igniting the love for these gorgeous dresses.

How can brides view or try on this collection?

"Whether you prefer to browse in-store or online, our Pre-Loved Bridal Collection is easily accessible. You can schedule an appointment at the boutique, where the collection is available to try, or explore a curated selection on our website's shop section.

The LP Pre-Loved Collection is launching now and will continue to be developed, with new dresses arriving every month.

If you'd like to be a part of this new bridal revolution and have any questions about the collection or selling your wedding dress with us, just get in touch via our email or call 01751 798080


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