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The Aisle & Beyond: Wedding Morning Tips & What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

Rail of wedding dresses hung up including slimline wedding dresses in shimmering fabrics with 3D floral detailing

You might think our job stops once a bride collects her dress from The Little Pearl, ready for her walk down the aisle. But, in fact, that’s just part of the journey of giving our brides the very best wedding dress experience.

From boutique to big day and beyond, we’re here for our #PearlsGirls every step of the way! Initially, to help you find your dream dress at our pretty North Yorkshire bridal boutique and then to ensure you wear it with confidence and can treasure it forevermore.

To help navigate the early stages, we’ve previously shared our advice on when to shop for your wedding dress and what to expect from your dress-shopping experience here at The Little Pearl.

So, now we’re moving onto the steps that follow that giddy wedding-dress-collection moment. This will help ensure you look and feel your very best on your biggest day and have ideas on what to do with your wedding dress once you’ve worn it.

Little Pearl Bridal Dressing Service

Little Pearl bridal boutique team owner Diana and bridal stylists Vicky and Rose sat on pink couch in the boutique with a rail of wedding dresses in the background

We believe your wedding morning should be just as enjoyable as the ceremony and celebrations that follow. It, therefore, needs to be a stress-free, feel-good zone where you and your bridal party can get ready (and be pampered!) without worrying or clock-watching.

That’s why we introduced our popular LP Dressing Service. Whether you’ve bought your dress from our North Yorkshire bridal boutique or not, this optional service includes one of our expert bridal stylists joining you and your bridal party to ease the getting-ready pressure.

Bringing an extra touch of magic - and plenty of calm - to your big day prep, we’ll ensure you're ready on time and dressed to perfection. That means there’s no need to put any responsibility on your bridal party to help with steaming your dress…or getting you in it!

We’ll take care of the steaming and dressing, paying attention to every detail so that your dress sits perfectly, is fastened flawlessly (those corsets can be a little tricky!), and, most importantly, you feel comfortable and confident.

Furthermore, we can extend our dressing service to help your bridal party get ready, so the only task you’ll need to allocate is ‘chief prosecco pourer’!

Six Quick Tips For The Wedding Morning

Lace detailed bridal dressing gown hung up on a rail with  'Pearls Girls' printed in pink floral lettering on the back of it

  1. Set those alarm clocks to start the prep nice and early; time will fly, and the last thing you want to be is rushing around flustered.

  2. Make one of your first jobs getting your dress and veil out of its bag and hanging up clear of any spillage danger zones.

  3. Pick a space with good natural light to get ready, whether at home, a hotel or the wedding venue.

  4. Wear button-up PJs or a robe to get ready so you don’t risk interfering with your hair or makeup when getting changed.

  5. Stay hydrated, alternating your prosecco with water to keep a fresh glow (and a clear head!)

  6. Have fun! Yes, there might be some little nerves, but the prep is part of the magic that makes a wedding so special.

What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

A rail of wedding dresses at The Little Pearl bridal boutique in North Yorkshire in different styles and detailing including sequin wedding dress and ones with floral embroidery

Thinking about what to do with your wedding dress after the big day can be tinged with sadness; we get it. But there are plenty of ways to celebrate, preserve and prolong the beauty of this significant garment once the confetti, cake and honeymoon have been and gone.

Whether your “I dos” are imminent or took place some time ago, the following advice and ideas still apply to ensure your gown isn’t just shoved to the back of the wardrobe (complete with dirty train), never to see the light of day again.

Dry Cleaning Your Wedding Gown

The sign of a great wedding? A gown bearing champagne stains and dirt. Memories leave marks, and your wedding dress is worn for the biggest party of your life, so keeping it pristine is just about impossible.

But fear not! If you’re wondering what to do with a dirty wedding dress, we have the perfect solution with our Dry Cleaning Service. Our experienced partner will professionally dry your wedding dress using trusted cleaning techniques, gently erasing marks and restoring its beauty. For those of you wanting to keep and store your dress correctly, it can then be beautifully boxed and preserved in one of our LP-branded boxes.

Wedding Dress Repairs

If your gown saw a lot of action (dancefloor queens, we see you!), it might also require a few repairs.

Whether you plan to simply store your dress away after the wedding or sell it, it’s best to deal with repairs sooner rather than later so they don’t slip your mind. And our skilful in-house seamstress is on hand to assist, be it a slight tear or a few loose beads that need her attention.

Donating Or Selling Your Wedding Dress

With your dress cleaned and restored, you might decide to sell or donate it, giving the gown a new lease of life and making another bride’s dream dress wishes come true!

Numerous charities throughout the country accept wedding dress donations, and there are even some specialist bridal charity stores, including Oxfam’s York, Darlington and Southern-based bridal shops and The Red Cross Bridal Boutique in Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering how to sell your wedding dress, there are numerous dedicated pre-loved bridal shops and selling sites to explore. A simple “how to sell wedding dress UK” Google search will bring up popular options, including second-hand bridal specialists and boutiques like Bridal Reloved and Still White.

Check out this helpful guide by Hitched on how to sell your wedding dress, including top tips and where to sell your second-hand wedding dress.

Altering Your Wedding Dress To Wear Again

Perhaps our favourite option of all…having your wedding dress altered so that you can wear it again beyond the big day. Not only does this mean you get to experience that special dress feeling for more than just one day, but it’s a sustainable bridalwear choice too.

Our in-house seamstress has helped numerous brides transform their dresses into more wearable attire, from shortening hemlines and removing sleeves to making gowns into top and skirt separates. But where will you wear your wedding dress again? Well, with its new look, it could provide the perfect outfit for a special birthday, holiday or even your honeymoon if the trip isn’t happening for a few months or so after the wedding.

Whatever option you choose, the most important thing is to have the absolute best time wearing your dress. And so our biggest pearl of wisdom would be - don’t be too precious over your dress on the day; enjoy every minute of wearing it and how it makes you feel. Remember, a wedding dress can be dry-cleaned, and while there are no guarantees of it coming up absolutely sparkling, we’re often really surprised at the magic a professional clean can achieve.

Got a question about our Dressing or Dry Clean Service? Then simply email us at or call us on 01751 798080; we’d be happy to assist!


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