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Ready to re-ignite the love in your wedding dress, or just looking to sell her on to pay off the wedding credit card?  Whatever the reason, selling your wedding dress has never been so easy!  Plus imagine how great it will feel to know you are doing your bit for sustainable bridal fashion whilst helping to save the planet.

We pride ourselves on offering our brides the very best choice and quality of pre-loved and sample wedding dresses, so we offer a number of options.  Check out all of the details below to see how it works!


Step 1

We offer three options to sell your wedding dress with us.  Please check which criteria best fits with you.

With both the Signature and Couture Options, they include your dress being showcased in the boutique and on our website shop.  Your dress has to be no more than 3 years old for these options. If your dress is older than 3 years, then you have the option to have her listed on our website shop only.

*please note we do not accept non-designer wedding dresses i.e. Wed2Be, Online retailers, Other boutique's own label



Designer Label

Less than 3 years old

Perfect Condition

Dry Cleaned

Original purchase price less than £3k



Designer Label

Less than 3 years old

Perfect Condition

Dry Cleaned

Purchase Price more than £3k

Screenshot 2024-04-23 at 14.13.48.png


Designer Label

Older than 3 years old

Perfect Condition

Dry Cleaned

(only listed on website)

Step 2

Once you have decided on your option, complete the application form below.  We will need to see current images of your dress (after your wedding and not designer images), so please make sure you include them.  We'll then be in touch to discuss the next steps of re-igniting the love of your wedding dress. 
Please note that we have a limited number of dresses we can hold in the boutique at any one time.  So if we are unable to showcase your dress in the boutique due to availability then you will be given the option of listing online and showcasing in the boutique when space becomes available.

Step 3

If you need help with getting your wedding dress dry cleaned please let us know on the form as we have a dry cleaning package as an additional option

*Please note we do not accept veils or accessories as part of our Pre-Loved Collection

Sell My Dress Application

Has your dress been dry cleaned
Is your dress damage free?
Has your dress....
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Thanks for submitting!

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