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What Is A Bridal Boutique Designer Day & How To Make The Most Of One

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Rail of beautiful wedding dresses at Little Pearl Bridal Boutique Designer Day

In addition to our regular boutique appointments where brides can view dress collections by all the designers that we stock here at The Little Pearl, we also hold a number of special designer day events throughout the year.

What is a designer day, we hear you say. Well, in this super handy post, we’ll be answering that exact question to get you brides-to-be fully clued-up on how to shop for your dream wedding dress.

Trust us, a little preparation can go a long way to having a fun, memorable and rewarding dress shopping experience compared to one that is disorganised, stressful and endless!

So, ladies of The Little Pearl class, grab a pen (and perhaps a glass of prosecco, this is part of the wedding planning, after all!) and prepare to take note...

Gorgeous room in North Yorkshire bridal boutique The Little Pearl


A designer day (sometimes also known as a trunk show) is basically when a larger selection, or even a full collection, of dresses from a certain designer, is available at a boutique and in a wider range of sample sizes.

Generally speaking, bridal boutiques only carry a proportion of their designers’ collections and in limited sample sizes, so a designer day is a rare opportunity for you brides-to-be to view and try on designs that wouldn’t ordinarily be available in the boutique.

More exciting still, the dresses might be brand new designs that have come directly from bridal runways to be showcased in boutiques for the very first time. So you’ll be feasting your eyes on the designer’s most recent creations before they’re actually stocked in boutiques. Talk about exclusive!

Finally, though called a designer ‘day’, these events often take place over several days, likely a long weekend, giving you chance to get in on the #dressheaven action!

Stunning range of wedding dresses at Little Pearl North Yorkshire bridal boutique during a designer day event


If you’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with a certain designer’s creations, then a designer day is a dream opportunity to see more of their gorgeous gowns first-hand, giving you a greater choice of styles.

Such events are also great for you ladies who have narrowed down your search and feel ready to make a decision. This is because you can compare dress styles you know you like in just the one appointment, and often there will be an exclusive discount on offer for purchases made during the event. So a designer day can help save you both time and money in sealing the deal on your perfect gown.

Pretty bridal hair accessories stocked at The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique in North Yorkshire


Well, beyond the fact you’ll have access to an abundance of totally dreamy dresses, there are likely to be extra treats included too!

Here at The Little Pearl, we have gorgeous designer day goodie bags to gift our #PearlsGirls, and the prosecco is always flowing! As mentioned, there may also be a special designer day discount available on purchases made during the event, plus sometimes a representative from the label, or even the designer themselves, will be in attendance. This gives the incredible opportunity for expert styling advice from us as well as those involved in designing and making the dresses who can offer suggestions on the types of alterations possible for a better fit or to help customise your dress.

Overall, these events have a really exciting energy about them and provide a super enjoyable experience on your wedding planning journey!

Glasses of prosecco being served at a designer day event at The Little Pearl Bridal Boutique


Like the sound of what we’re saying? Then here are some Pearls Of Wisdom to bear in mind when it comes to preparing for, attending and making the most of designer day events:

Have An Idea Of What You Want

As we’ve said, designer days tend to appeal to brides-to-be who have already narrowed down their dress hunt through searching online and quite possibly having already attended a bridal boutique appointment or two. You will want to have a good idea of the shape, style, and detailing you are looking for.

Do Your Homework

Research the designer’s collection to ensure it's in line with the type of bridal vision you have in mind, and try to pinpoint some favourites that you would definitely like to try on during your appointment.

Ensure Your Favourite Dresses Will Be At The Event

Once you’ve got your heart set on certain dresses from the designer’s collection, contact the boutique to make sure they will be available to try on at the event. If not, they may be able to call in extra designs, especially for you.

Remain Open-Minded

While it’s important to have an idea of what you are looking for, a wedding dress wildcard might just sweep you off your pretty little feet! Designs can look completely different in model shots and on hangers compared to on ‘real’ brides, meaning a design you’ve initially overlooked could well turn out to be the one!

Trust Your Stylist

On a similar note, professional bridal boutique stylists (like us!) and representatives of the label will know what styles look best on what body shapes and can assist in finding a design to tick your dress wishlist. As such, share your vision and likes as well as any definite no-nos or body hangups. We get it, and we’re 100% here to help!

Choose Your #Shopsquad With Care

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again..less really is more when it comes to the number of people in your dress shopping gang. Too many opinions led to confusion rather than clarity. As such, we always advise picking just one or two people to attend boutique appointments with you. These should be the people who know you best, who you trust implicitly and who YOU want to share this special occasion with. For more advice on this topic, take a look at our recent How To Choose Who To Take Wedding Dress Shopping With You blog post.

Take-Along The Essentials

While these things aren’t absolutely necessary, taking similar underwear and shoes with you that you intend to wear on your wedding day can help you better understand how you look and feel in the dresses. If you have ‘something borrowed’ accessories, such as a treasured piece of jewellery or veil, be sure to bring those along too. Finally, you don’t need to get super dolled-up, but you will want to feel good about yourself, so make the usual effort you would day to day with hair and makeup to avoid looking drained or dishevelled!

Be Prepared To Commit

We must stress that a designer day means the extended collection of gowns will be in the boutique for a limited time only! After that point, the dresses will be shipped off to their next location, so it’s not like you can just pop back the following week to try them on again. As such, if a dress is giving you all the right feels, you need to go for it girl! Plus, don’t forget, ordering on the day could land you a fabulous discount or promotional offer. That said, if you don’t find your dream dress during the event, you should still come away with the benefit of having a clearer vision of your ideal bridal look.

Secure Your Place Early

Designer days are always promoted in advance, so look out for announcements and details on boutique websites and social channels as well as those of designers. Just as with a regular bridal boutique consultation, you will be allocated your own time slot, and so there’ll only be so many appointments available. You don’t want designer day FOMO now, do you?!


We are thrilled to have two fabulous designer day events coming up at our gorgeous North Yorkshire bridal boutique in the coming months. Check them out and secure your spot!

Gorgeous Stella York princess style wedding dress that will feature at upcoming Stella York Designer Day at The Little Pearl in North Yorkshire

Stella York Designer Day

Saturday 11th to Sunday 12th September

Inspired by the world’s hottest red carpet trends, Stella York bridal gowns are imagined and handcrafted with fabulous detail. During this designer day event (that we just can’t wait to host!), we’ll have the stunning new Spectacular Love collection at The Little Pearl, featuring classic and contemporary cuts, dreamy detailing and flattering necklines. Stella York collections offer something for every bridal style, from modern fairytale and classic chic to all-out glamour.

Stella York collection prices range from £1,000 to £1,800, available in sizes from UK 6 to UK 30.

Click here to RSVP

Fashion forward mermaid style wedding dress from Rachel Rose bridal collection that will feature at upcoming designer day at The Little Pearl in North Yorkshire

Rachel Rose Designer Day

Saturday 25th September to Sunday 3rd October

Australian designed Rachel Rose forms our Little Pearl Signature collection. The couture, fashion-forward bridal label celebrates body confidence and empowers brides to feel their very best selves. Over this six-day event, we will be showcasing Rachel’s entire new Believe collection, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Expect sexy silhouettes, sparkling fabrics and on-trend design features and detailing. Fun and fresh, Rachel Rose designs attract style-conscious brides who crave something a little different to the bridal norm, so they stand out in style on their big day.

Rachel Rose collection prices range from £2,000 to £3,500, available in sizes UK 6 to UK 30.

Click here to RSVP


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